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Bloom Content Studio | Mechele Pellebon Mallard | Retail & Ecommerce SEO Conversion Copywriter |
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If you are like most lifestyle brands and eCommerce businesses you’ve been seduced into tactical content marketing hell.  

You’ve started blogging to create a flood of high-quality and free traffic…

but you’re tired of hearing a cacophony of crickets chirping every time you click “Post” on your blog and social media accounts.

You’ve created a sequence of welcome emails to educate new shoppers about your brand…

but you don’t know how to stand out when your prospects are bombarded with your competitor’s daily Facebook ads and 50%-off coupons.

You’ve hired freelance content writers or copywriters in the past to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace…

but you are rarely convinced that your content investment will provide measurable results when there’s no solid CONTENT STRATEGY or PROVEN SYSTEM for making your money back.

So, how do you continuously create an endless stream of cost-effective, buyer’s traffic when every click counts?

By telling the only stories your target customers want to hear.

Inspirational and data-driven content that speaks directly to their

most desperate problems, needs, and desires and compels them to

open their hearts, minds, and wallets.

Welcome to Bloom Content Studio

 Evergreen, Personality-driven, Content Marketing that

 Builds an Audience of Raving Fans

and MVP’s (Most Valuable Payers)

Who Devour Your Blog Content and Email Copy 

and Buy Your Products 

in a Predictable and Measurable Way.


If you want a more engaged online community of raving fans ready to buy your next product,

or a hands-free, streamlined content marketing system that’ll pump more cash into your business every day, then, you are in the right place.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve ghostwritten over 1,500 articles and 300 pieces of email copy, 

that resulted in hundreds of thousands of page views and site traffic.

I’ve also worked with some of the top digital marketing agencies, magazine publishers, and leading lifestyle brands.

I’ve never missed a deadline.

I’m allergic to excuses.

And I love what I do.

(Click here for a PDF of my complete client list.)

Client Praise

“The posts all look wonderful! I really like the way you included shareable social media images and call to action links within each of the articles. You always go above and beyond what I ask you to produce. Thank you for creating such informative, eye-catching content!”  

Kristle Gaskins, Senior Account Executive

El Toro Interactive
“Mechele, thank you so much for writing and uploading these posts. They are absolutely perfect. You’ve done a fantastic job. As always, I am so impressed with you! You’re definitely my best writer!” 

Maria Green, SEM/Digital Marketing Manager

Vector Trap
No need to wonder if you enjoyed writing this article because it shows in every line. Great job.”  

Marianne Chin, Editor

Tyra Bank's TypeF
“Superb voice and content for this audience. Great job describing just exactly “how to” create the various looks. Wonderful work. Thanks for the fun read.”

Stacey Kole, Editor

“Mechele, Charming voice for this client and tons of good ideas, all right on target for the blog post’s title. Great work meeting the client’s preferences and a nice read all around. Well done.” 

Suzanne Topham, Editor

“The post looks great, very well done. You have a very streamlined process, are reliable and gave me the perfect topic for my audience without any input.Thanks again for your help; you were so delightful to work with! ”  

Christina Lundeberg , Public Relations Manager / Content Coordinator


Use my proven, step-by-step content marketing system to grow your customer base and increase sales.

Content marketing results that I’ve produced for clients:

1. Created a blog post for an e-commerce flash sale website that resulted in 150+ new leads in 30 days.

2. Wrote 3 blog posts for an online magazine that rose to the #1 Search results in Google and Bing for competitive medium-tail keyword phrases.

3. Designed Pinterest, Facebook and blog post graphics for a 1200-word home decor article that resulted in over 900+ social media shares.

For example:

This beauty post generated over 1.7K shares on social media.

This fashion post  produced over 99 comments.

bloom content studio

Let’s Work Together

If you’d like to know more about how I can create content that 

makes your message resonate with buyers, 

 click the button below for a quick, no-obligation, email discussion.

Get In Touch

Discover how my content marketing services have helped businesses like yours double their clicks, conversions, and cash.

Blog Posts

Attract your ideal buyers with shopping and gift guides, usage demonstrations, tutorials, and “how-to” content that provides inspiration and information.

Lead Magnets

Grow your email list with downloadable guides, evergreen content and actionable resources that turn cold visitors into hot leads and build industry authority.

Email Sequences

Boost engagement with email messaging featuring useful content, promotions and sales that’ll invite more click-throughs to your site and your product pages.

I can help you create a finely-tuned content marketing strategy that delivers a predictable number of quality leads to your business every day.

1. Deep-Dive 

I begin my content writing process with a deep-dive into your niche. I’ll send you my content questionnaire that will help me determine your audience’s pain points, your editorial guidelines and the content’s tone and voice.

2. Research

Once you’ve completed these essential questions, I’ll research the top performing content in your niche, identify content gaps you can capitalize on and generate evergreen post ideas that will educate, delight and entertain your customers.

3. Create

For each blog post, I’ll provide a keyword-rich headline, images and screenshots that correspond with your product offerings, optimize your articles for search engines, and include a content upgrade/lead magnet idea that you can use to collect new subscribers/customers.

4. Promote

Once the post is live, I’ll promote your blog post on key community sites for your niche and create custom graphics for your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts to help drive engagement.

2,680,752+ website visitors

To see examples of my content marketing success in action, click the images below to view the fashion, home and beauty websites that I own and manage.


Let’s create something amazing together.

Hi, I’m Mechele Pellebon Mallard.

I’m the wife of a serial entrepreneur, mother of a 12-year old Bichon Frise named Binky and a proud Louisiana Creole from LA LA land who thinks croissants, champagne, and petit fours belong in a 5th food group.

My creative forte is delivering insightful, problem-focused, evergreen content that your target market is desperate to solve.

I’m not like other freelancers who just write to a keyword or to satisfy a word count. I’ve spent 10+ years testing my content marketing strategies on my personal collection of 25 lifestyle websites and online magazines.

And because my content marketing tactics are based on my customer targeting and keyword research, it’s reliable and data-driven – no guesswork!

I’ve driven over 2.5 million visitors to my own websites, and I would like to see if I can do the same for you.

Let’s have a confidential discussion about your content marketing goals to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

You can contact me by filling out the form to your right.  Expect a response within one business day.

Not into forms? Email me at [email protected]